FW15-16 Department Student Academic Achievement

Congratulations to all of the FW15-16 student award winners.

Faculty Awards
  • Shahin Hazrati – 1st Year Award for Academic Excellence
  • BingXin Zhang – 2nd Year International Student Award for Academic Excellence
  • Naser Alubaidi – 4th Year International Student Award for Academic Excellence

Honourable Mention for Academic Excellence

  • Chao Chen – 3rd Year
  • Wei Zhao – 3rd Year
  • Supraja Vadlamani – 2nd Year
Department Awards
  • Jesse Wiebe (Chris Sloan Prize)
  • Qian Zhang (Edward A. Beder Memorial Scholarship)
  • Wei Zhao (Stanley L. Warner Memorial Award)
  • Ali Latif (Stanley L. Warner Memorial Award)
  • Veronica Baryay (Tait Montague Book Prize ECON 1000/1010)
  • Shahin Hazrati (Annie Kaplansky Award)
  • Osama Al-Shalchi (George Doxey Award in Economics)
  • Andrei Toma (William Jaffe Book Prize ECON 4059/4069)
  • Lev Rozenberg (William Pearson Scott Scholarship)
  • Pengfei Wang (William Pearson Scott Scholarship)
  • Matthew Kleffman (William Pearson Scott Scholarship)
  • Mauri Hall (William Pearson Scott Scholarship)
  • Robel Yohannes (John Robinson Award in Economics )