Course Enrolment

Every continuing undergraduate student is assigned an enrolment access date and time which provides them with information about the date and time they are able to access the registration and enrolment system (REM) to enrol in courses. New students typically start enrolling during April and May.

Important Information for Non-Majors

  • LA&PS ECON students have first priority to enrol in ECON courses. If space is available at a later date these are made available for non-majors. For Fall/Winter enrollment available spaces are reviewed in July and for Summer enrollment in April.
  • When requesting permission for a course please indicate the course number (ECON 1000) and section (A).
  • Students are encouraged to keep trying the online enrolment system periodically to enrol in courses as space may become available.
  • Please note that when you are transferring within sections/tutorials, your fees will not be affected, however, if you are exchanging a course after the add/drop deadline, your fees will be affected. Please review financial deadlines.
  • If a course is full, please fill out the Department’s permission form found below and bring the completed form (with course director’s signature) to 1144 VH for processing. The Course Director’s signature does not guarantee space availability.
  • We do not keep waiting lists for any course. Please contact your Course Instructor for enquiries regarding waiting lists.

Important Information for Economics Majors

The Department manages enrollment using Course Access Specifications (CAS) which are filters to limit and/or control which students have access to enrol in economics courses offered by the Department in a given term. Generally speaking, the Department initially reserves all courses for majors only and will release seats to other majors in a course as the term approaches if space is available. CAS filters generally focus on majors who require our courses, year level of study, and are sometimes restricted to specific economics majors only (ECON, BUEC, and FBEC).

All economics major should have access to their major courses. If you are having difficulty, it is usually due to a financial block, academic decision, or degree issue.  Please contact the Department’s Undergraduate Office with any questions or concerns regarding course enrolment.

If a course is full, but there is physical space in the classroom, students can request permission to enrol from the Course Director up until the last day to add a course with permission. Students may approach a course director with a departmental permission to enrol form, which they may sign or deny the request. Please note that permission forms or being on the wait list does not guarantee a student’s enrolment into a course.

Course Enrolment Forms 

Please speak with the Department regarding the Department Enrolment form.

When to Use:

  • If the course is full.
  • During the period to add a course with permission of the Instructor.
  • This form is available to submit to the Department at the beginning of the term.
Request to Enrol Late Form

When to Use:

  • After last date to enrol in course with permission of course instructor has passed.
  • Form provided by the Department.
Petition to Enrol Late

When to Use:

  • Add a course after the enrolment deadline.
  • Consult the Department or Academic Advisor for petition information.

Please contact the Department of Economics Undergraduate Office with any questions or concerns regarding course enrolment.