Deferred Standing

Deferred Standing Policy and Process

Deferred standing may be granted to undergraduate students who are unable to write their final examination at the scheduled time or to submit their outstanding course work on the last day of classes. In order to apply for deferred standing, students must complete the Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Standing Agreement Form and reach an agreement directly with the course director for an alternate final examination date or for an extension to the course work deadline. The Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Standing Agreement form sets an alternate date for writing a final examination or submitting outstanding course work before the Faculty deadlines. It does not permit rewriting a final examination to improve a final grade.

If the Course Director denies a request for deferred standing, students have the option of submitting a petition for deferred standing through their home faculty. Students who are economics majors in the Faculty of LA&PS, are not required to see an advisor prior to petitioning for deferred standing or extension of deferred standing, and must submit the petition 14 days after the date of the final exam.

Note: When students do not or cannot write a mid-term examination (not held during the formal examination period), alternate arrangements to write the mid-term examination should be made within the duration of the course by the course director and individual student at the discretion of the course director. The Deferred Standing Agreement is not needed.

Students must fill out the Deferred Standing Agreement form and submit it along with all original supporting documentation to the Department of Economics located in 1144 Vari Hall within  10 business days of the original exam date, unless otherwise specified by the course director. Submitting the form does NOT guarantee permission to write the deferred exam. Only submissions that meet all requirements and/or at the discretion of the instructor will be granted permission. Students whose submissions are not granted will receive a zero for their final exam score and have the option to submit a petition to request deferred standing.

Deferred Standing for the final exam will be considered only under the following circumstances:

  1. MEDICAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Exams missed due to medical circumstances must be supported by a York Attending Physicians Statement filled out completely by a medical doctor or licensed psychologist/counselor, dated within 48 hours of the final exam date. The statement must include:
  • Full name, mailing address, telephone number of the physician.
  • The nature of the illness and its duration (i.e., specific dates covered)
  • An indication of whether the illness and/or medication prescribed would have SERIOUSLY affected the student’s ability to study and perform over the period in question.

The physician’s office may be contacted to verify that the statement was actually completed by the physician.

  1. NON-MEDICAL CIRCUMSTANCES: Exams missed due to non-medical circumstances must be supported by appropriate documentation, i.e., death certificates, obituary notice, automobile accident reports, airline/bus ticket receipt for emergency travel (with the date of booking on the ticket), etc. Airline/train/bus ticket/receipts for emergency travel must indicate destination, departure, and return dates. Having to work at the time of the exam or non-emergency travel are not valid excuses for missing an exam.