Welcome to the Department of Economics

Over the last decade, York University has made a sustained commitment to ensure that the department continues to be one of the best in the country – and this commitment continues. We have introduced various new successful programs and added new professors over the period and anticipate further additions. Indeed, the Department is an inclusive, stimulating, rewarding and intellectually exciting place to be.

Our faculty members continue to distinguish themselves in research and research grants achievements. To see a recent ranking of the Department of Economics at York, please follow this link. Browse the areas of interest and selected recent publications of our faculty members. The diversity and quality of our research is evident.

An information session for Economic students considering pursuing a Masters (MA) degree in Economics at York University will be held on Wednesday October 3, 2-3pm, in HNE 034.
For more information on the MA program visit our website at http://economics.gradstudies.yorku.ca/