Working Papers

Working Papers - 2017

Working Papers - 2015

2015-1: Population Aging and Comparative Advantage (PDF) By Jie Cai and Andrey Stoyanov

2015-2: A production function estimator with proxy variables and firm fixed effects (PDF) By Andrey Stoyanov, Nikolay Zubanovy, and Yoonseok Lee

2015-3: Financial Development and International Trade (PDF) By Fernando Leibovici

2015-4: Regional Trade Agreements and Cross-Border Lobbying: Empirical Evidence from the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement Negotiations (PDF) By Andrey Stoyanov

2015-5: Endogenous Money, Fiscal Policy, Interest Rates and the Exchange Rate Regime: A Comment on Palley, Tymoigne, and Wray. (PDF) By John Smithin

2015-6: Hicks on Hayek, Keynes and Wicksell. (PDF) By John Smithin

2015-7: Interest and Profit (PDF) By John Smithin

2015-8: Requirements of a Philosophy of Money and Finance (PDF) By John Smithin

2015-9: Some Puzzles about Money, Finance, and the Monetary Circuit (PDF) By John Smithin

2015-10: Preferential versus Multilateral Trade Liberalization and the Role of Political Economy (PDF) By Andrey Stoyanov and Halis Murat Yildiz

2015-11: Consumption Externalities, Product Quality, and the Role of National Treatment (PDF) By Ida Ferrara, Paul Missios and Halis Murat Yildiz

2015-12: Trust, Ability-to-Pay, and Charitable Giving (PDF) By Ida Ferrara and Paul Missios

Working Papers - 2014

2014-1: Option Values and the Choice of Trade Agreements (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum and Mark Melatos

2014-2: The Effect of the Canada-US Free Trade Agreement on Canadian Multilateral Trade Liberalization (PDF) By Joseph Mai and Andrey Stoyanov

2014-3: Home Country Bias in the Legal System: Empirical Evidence from the Intellectual Property Rights Protection in Canada (PDF) By Joseph Mai and Andrey Stoyanov

2014-4: Financial Frictions and New Exporter Dynamics (PDF) By Fernando Leibovici, David Kohn and Michal Szkup

2014-5: International Trade and Intertemporal Substitution (PDF) By Fernando Leibovici and Michael E. Waugh

2014-6: Filtering, Prediction and Simulation Methods for Noncausal Processes (PDF) By Jasiak and Gourieroux

Working Papers - 2013

2013-1: The Dynamics of Hate and Violence (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum

Working Papers - 2012

2012-1: How Does Uncertainty Affect the Choice of Trade Agreements? (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum and Mark Melatos

2012-2: Camouflaged Trade Agreements (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum and Mark Melatos

Working Papers - 2011

There is no listing at this time. Please check back later.

Working Papers - 2010

2010-2: Capital Structure with Opportunistic Stakeholders' Coalitions (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum and Sanjay Banerji

2010-3: A new methodology for studying the equity premium By Elie Appelbaum and Parantap Basu

Working Papers - 2009

2009-1: Possibility and permissibility (PDF) By Kin Chung Lo

2009-2: Alternating Offers Union-Firm Bargaining: Order of Play and Efficiency (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum

2009-3: Environmental Labeling (PDF) By Andrea Podhorsky

2009-4: Hurricane Insurance in Florida (PDF) By Mario Jametti and Thomas von Ungern-Sternberg

Working Papers - 2008

Working Papers - 2007

2007-1: Financing Multi-stage projects under moral hazard and limited commitment (PDF) By Josepa Miquel-Florensa

2007-2: Aid Effectiveness: A comparison of Tied and Untied Aid (PDF) By Josepa Miquel-Florensa

2007-3: Optimal Incentives in Dynamic Multiple Project Contracts (PDF) By Josepa Miquel-Florensa

2007-4: Underfunding of Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Benefit Guarantee Insurance - An Overview of Theory and Empirics (PDF) By Mario Jametti

2007-5: Voluntary Contributions to Organized Institutions and to the (Non-organized) Social Network (PDF) By Josepa Miquel-Florensa

2007-6: Correlated Nash Equilibrium. (PDF) By Kin Chung Lo

2007-7: Does Tax Competition Tame the Leviathan?. (PDF) By Mario Jametti, York University and Marius Brülhart, University of Lausanne

2007-8: Risk, Ambiguity, and the Klibanoff Axioms (PDF) By Kin Chung Lo

2007-9: Do Agglomeration Economies Reduce the Sensitivity of Firm Location to Tax Differentials? (PDF) By Mario Jametti, York University, Toronto. Marius Brülhart, University of Lausanne. Kurt Schmidheiny, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Working Papers - 2006

2006-1: Risk Selection in Natural Disaster Insurance - the Case of France (PDF) By Mario Jametti.

2006-2: The Ordered Qualitative Model For Credit Rating Transitions (PDF) By D. Feng, C. Gourieroux, J Jasiak

2006-3: The Wishart Autoregressive Process of Multivariate Stochastic Volatility (PDF) By  C. Gourieroux, J Jasiak,  R. Sufana

2006-4: Dynamic Quantile Models (PDF) By C. Gourieroux, J Jasiak

2006-5: First-Price and Second-Price Auctions with Resale (PDF) By Bernard Lebrun

2006-6: Zheng's Optimal Mechanism with Resale and the Second-Price Auction (PDF) By Bernard Lebrun

2006-7: Auctions with Almost Homogeneous Bidders (PDF) By Bernard Lebrun

2006-8: Joint Change Point Estimation in Regression Coefficients and Variances of the Errors of a Linear Model By Oleg Glouchakov

2006-9: Population Growth and Rising Dowries: The Long-Run Mechanism of a Marriage Squeeze (PDF) By Sudeshna Maitra

2006-10: Can Population Growth Cause Dowry Inflation? Theory and the Indian Evidence (PDF) By Sudeshna Maitra

2006-11: Can Patient Self-Management Explain the Health Gradient? Goldman and Smith (2002) Revisited (PDF) By Sudeshna Maitra

2006-12: Strategic extremism By Elie Appelbaum

Working Papers - 2005

Working Papers - 2004

Working Papers - 2003

Working Papers - 2002

2002-01: Migration, Family, and Risk Diversification (PDF) By Kong - Pin Chen, Shin- Hwan Chiang, Siu Fai Leung

2002-02: Monetary Policy in a Cash-in-Advence Economy (PDF) By Arman Mansoorian, Mohammed Mohsin

2002-03: On The Implications of different Cash-in- Advance constraint s with Endogenous Labour (PDF) By Arman Mansoorian, Mohammed Mohsin

2002-04: The Employment, Investment and Current Account Effects of Exchange Rate Policies in a Cash-in-Advance Economy (PDF) By Arman Mansoorian, Mohammed Mohsin


2002-06: Market Efficiency, Time-Varying Volatility and Equity Returns in Bangladesh Stock Market (PDF) By M. Kabir Hassan, Anisul M. Islam, Syed Abul Basher

2002-07: The New Governmental Structure Of Toronto And Its Relevancy For The Economic And Social Environment Of The 21st Century (PDF) By Harvey Schwartz

2002-08: The Expectations Hypothesis of the Term Structure: International Evidence of Non-Linear Adjustment (Revised Version) (PDF) By Alfred A. Haug and Pierre Siklos

2002-09: A Closer Look at Long Run Money Demand (PDF) By Alfred A. Haug with Julie Tam

2002-10: Canadian Money Demand Functions: Cointegration–Rank Stability (PDF) By Alfred A. Haug

2002-11: Currency Invoicing of U.S. Imports (PDF) By Shabtai Donnenfeld and Alfred A. Haug

2002-12: Union Contracts and the Firm's Financial Structure (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum

2002-13: Estimation of the Saving Function without Expected Utility (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum and Parantap Basu

Working Papers - 2001

2001-01: The Financial Implications of Amalgamation. (PDF) By: Harvey Schwartz.

2001-02: Flexible Functional Forms: Bernstein Polynomials. (PDF) By: Pok Man Chak, Neal Madras, Barry Smith

2001-03: Consistent Estimation of Shape-Restricted Functions and Their Derivatives. (PDF) By: Pok Man Chak, Neal Madras, Barry Smith

2001-04: Product Differentiation under Uncertainty (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum

Working Papers - 2000

Working Papers - 1999

99-01: Wage Flexibility and Contract Structure in Germany. By: Lars Vilhuber

99-02: Sector-Specific On-The-Job Training: Evidence from U.S. Data. By: Lars Vilhuber.

99-03: Sector-specific Training and Mobility in Germany. By: Lars Vilhuber

99-08: Economic And Social Problems of Rapid Urban Growth: The Case of Toronto. By: Harvey S. Schwartz & John Robinson

99-09: On Cash In Advance Constraints For Open Economies. (PDF) By: Arman Mansoorian.

99-10: Risk Sharing In A Federation with Population Mobility and Long Horizons. (PDF) By: Arman Mansoorian.

99-11: Price Discrimination and Social Welfare with Demand Uncertainity. (PDF) By: Mahmudul Anam & Shin-Hwan Chiang.

99-12: A Keynesian Solution to Classical Unemployment. (PDF) By: Keith MacKinnon.

99-13: More On Keynes and the Classics. (PDF) By: Keith MacKinnon.

99-14: A Dynamic Pure Credit Economy. By Keith MacKinnon.

99-15: The Effects of Population Diversity on Productivity, Competitiveness and Employment. (PDF) By Elie Appelbaum

Working Papers - 1998

Working Papers - 1997

Working Papers - 1996

96-01: Habits and Durability in Consumption, and the Dynamics of the Current Account (PDF), By Arman Mansoorian

96-02: Habits and Durability in Consumption, and the Effects of the Tariff Protection (PDF), By Arman Mansoorian and Simon Neaime

96-03: Risk Sharing and Redistribution in a Federal System with Population Mobility (PDF), By Arman Mansoorian

96-04: Fiscal Externalities Over Long Horizons (PDF), By Arman Mansoorian

96-05: Fiscal Externalities with Imperfect Population Mobility: The Three Region Case (PDF), By Arman Mansoorian and Gordon Myers

96-06: Habits and Durability in Consumption, and the Effects of Exchange Rate Policies (PDF), By Arman Mansoorian and Simon Neaime

96-07: Numerical Distribution Functions of Likelihood Ratio Tests for Cointegration (PDF), By James G. MacKinnon , Alfred Haug and Leo Michelis

96-08: An Application of Duality under Uncertainty (PDF), Elie Appelbaum

96-09: Estimation of moments and production decisions under uncertainty By Elie Appelbaum and A. Ullah

96-10: Import price uncertainty and the distribution of income By Elie Appelbaum and U. Kohli, Revised February 1996

96-11: Transfer seeking and avoidance: On the full social costs of rent seeking, E. Appelbaum and E. Katz

96-12: Corporate Taxation and Entry, E. Appelbaum and E. Katz